Sparklea nails!

Hiya Huns,

Got another nail post for you, my cousin is owner of Sparklea Nail Polish and kindly sent me some nail polishes to try – as you know I’m unable to have Gel polish now as I suffer when the chemicals touch my skin (read more about this in Nail Envy.) This has also made me worried about the use of acrylic on my nails too.

The two colours she sent me are so perfect for me, I love a blue polish and I’m also a sucker for some sparkles. They are both unnamed and also not up for sale yet. Regardless to Leanne being my cousin the review of these products are completely honest and this is not an Advertisement – what you read is my thoughts and views.

The darker one of the two is a two-tone polish, a mix of deep blue and a gorgeous purple. This is amazing and for someone who is super lazy (me) loves a polish which only needs one coat. I think the texture and density of these polishes are fab. The lighter sparkly blue is better with a few coats or maybe as a top coat as its very sheer but is also so pretty.

Once Leanne finalises if these polishes are going up on her website for sale, they’ll be sold for around 6.00 GBP. Which for the quality is amazing, I would personally chose to pay for these polishes over Barry M and Rimmel.

If you have any further questions about these polishes, please feel free to message me or check out Sparklea Nail Polish on instagram!

Thanks fellow varnish lovers, Courtney-Jordan xx

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