Blogging on a budget.

Hiya, 2nd blog post in less than a week? I’m sure I’m feeling just fine… Here you have the best tips and tricks I can give you, you’ll also see the time line of my blogging experience since the end of 2017 – almost a year since I properly threw myself into blogging (shoddy I know) and am really pleased with the way my pictures look! Hope this helps lovelies.

This is on a random street in South Kensington – I was forced to have this taken too! 

The point of this blog post is because I’ve realised the expectations set are ridiculously high, with the likes of Sarah Ashcroft, Kirsty Green, Scarlett London – Don’t get me wrong, I obsess over these girls daily. Sometimes especially when you’re blogging on a budget you can feel slightly disheartened when you’re unable to spend every weekend in London or travelling around somewhere that has amazing photo opportunities.

Believe it or not this is two seconds from my house down a private street… Sorry if this is your wall, I appreciate the hours me and @itsdaniejade have spent outside your house. 

My all time favourite blogger from before I had even started to blog myself is @fashioninflux – Lydia! We’re basically friends and she doesn’t even know it… She is realistic, uses old out of season pieces (with newbies obviously) and the best part about it is that she takes 90% of her pictures in her house.

Proper love this picture of my favourite palette. Big shout out to my mama for her fab choice in flooring – you go Glen Coco xo

Here is some tips on getting a good photo without spending any money:

Totally simple, who doesn’t love the whole two birds one stone thing? Walk the dog + take cute pictures… This one even made it to the #ImWearingRI page! 

– A blank wall in your house, meaning one you can stand against and use as a backdrop

– Wallpaper samples! B&M have the best selection of backgrounds for flat lays. My favourites (that I haven’t used yet) are plain glitter ones and brick looking wallpaper

– A good editing app, brightening a photo and blurring the background goes a long way, I use AirBrush on my iPhone 8+


– Using what you have around you, got some trees or a field near your house? USE THEM! Country looking pictures are super cute!

For the record… This is my back garden…

– Confidence, if you go to a nice location or somewhere you think “Aw pictures would look nice here” take them, my confidence isn’t sky high but I’m learning to stop giving up photo opportunities because I always regret not taking them.

Another than you to my neighbours for having the CUTEST houses, you da best 

You’ll see some of the photos on my Instagram are local to me, or even in my bedroom, back garden or just a random picture with good lighting.

At Scarlett London’s event, having this taken in front of all the other people waiting for the flower wall.. AWKWARD!!!

I don’t class myself as a confident person when it comes to pictures, I totally freak out. But I’m learning to love that feeling of freaking out for a photo, I’m never going to see them people again, and if I am then they should be there supporting me! If you use anything from this blog post or even think or anything else – I’d love to know, so please pop over a DM or an Email ❤

Speak soon, Courtney-Jordan xx