Just Kos we can.

Hiya! Guess who’s back? Back again (for the millionth time.) If you hadn’t guessed yet, its me. After seeing That Pommie Girl making its reappearance, I decided to look through old blog posts from back in 2012 – cringing hell. But it gave me the kicking I needed.

Anyway, back to why we’re here. July 2018, me and two work gals took a trip to Greece. Little place called Kos. I can 100% say this is the cutest little town I’ve been to, so small and doesn’t really have much but soooooo lovely to chill in.

The hotel we stayed at was called Island Resorts Maya Hotel. Which was 2-3 small hotels/apartments linked as one, our hotel backed onto the beach and we were lucky enough to have a room that backed on to the beach, our balcony looking over the sea. This was absolute bliss, until 5am when you couldn’t sleep because the sound of the sea was slightly overpowering and super windy… the most bitter sweet feeling in the world. This is a 3* hotel, but very clean and I had no problems, it was a standard hotel and what you get for is definitely what you pay for (which I’m okay with!)

You know when you’re on holiday and you find the place, the place you want to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at? Yep. We found that, it was super cute! Had the sweetest staff and we made a new best friend with the waitress – who we actually looked forward to saying good morning to. It even got so bad that we’d walk in and they knew what me and Sinead wanted. Water to share, coke, diet coke, 2 ham and cheese toasties (for me..) and then whatever Sinead wanted. They had egg chairs looking over the docks, let me tell you it was the most relaxed I had ever felt.

After chilling at the breakfast place, which annoyingly I can’t remember the name of, we went down to Beach Bar Starlight, where we spent the day doing absolutely nothing. The hardest part was walking to and from the sea on the boiling hot sand without blistering your feet. I think I spent a good 8 hours a day laying on a 4 poster sunbed, reapplying sun cream, and drinking my body weight in water. We also met a Mel B look-a-like and she melted our hearts with her love story – the reason she stayed in Kos is because she met her Fiance out there! Super super suuuper cute. Giving all us tragic true love believers some hope it does exist ❤

In the evening, the highlights of my night were eating proper Hummous (!!!!) and also going to ‘The Bands’ – shout out to the owner of this bar, the best little Indie bar I’ve ever been in to. Was in my absolute element, playing music from The Killers, Arctic Monkeys, Foo Fighters and many many more! It was amazing, the smallest place but I couldn’t fault it.


If you’re after a chilled holiday, this is probably better for couples or anyone who’s not bothered about going crazy at night time. I enjoyed myself and would definitely go back in a heartbeat. The locals are lovely, the tourists are friendly and the staff are there to enjoy the day with you! Its cheap and clean, perfect for some blogging pictures (oops, shout out to Sinead and Chloe for being my personal photographers. IOU)

Bye lovelies x

First and second look of the rainbow.

Hiya Huns!

Anyone who follows my Instagram, you’ll notice I’ve been enjoying a colourful makeup look recently! So while I’ve been feeling really rubbish about the cold weather, I’ve been creating the cutest summer looks to share with everyone.

I went to an event today, and we had to think about what we like to indulge in. Some people might say chocolate, I know my friend Danie would say her indulgence is false lashes (really its fizzy drinks!!) and my mum would say hers is either sweets or books. My indulgence definitely is eye shadows. I can’t not buy a few new single shadows or maybe even treat myself to a new full palette from my fave site Beauty Bay.

The start of these looks are pink followed by blue. Such fun looks to create, my pink look was inspired by looking at what festivals I’d like to go to this year – so if you have any suggestions bring them my way!!! This was focused around being bold and super sparkly. I think this could potentially be my favourite no-liner look I’ve ever done.

The blue look was super fun, but something I would wear on a night out. This was smokey and dark, I paired this with a brown lipstick – totally out of my comfort zone and was bought accidentally thinking it was a lighter shade! But with this combo, I’m in love. I think this would also suit any colour eyes – top tip, the lighter your eyes are, use a black pencil liner. If you have brown eyes, my advice would be to use a white pencil liner on your lower lid, to make them look bigger!

What I used for PINK…

Morphe – 35P

NYX – Ultimate Brights

Zoeva – Cocoa Blend

Barry M – #7 (Crimson)

Revolution – Redemption Palette / Mermaids VS Unicorns

Kiss Lashes – Gala

What I used for BLUE…

Morphe – 35P

NYX – Ultimate Brights

Zoeva – Cocoa Blend

Revolution – Redemption Palette / Mermaids VS Unicorns

Urban Decay – Naked HEAT

Amor Lashes – Aurora

I hope you enjoyed my first couple of make up looks, and will check in with me for the next 5 rainbow looks… Up next Yellow and Red (possibly a cute Valentine date night look to play with!) You can follow me on Instagram if you want to keep up with the looks I create. Thanks for reading, Courtney-Jordan xx

Sparklea nails!

Hiya Huns,

Got another nail post for you, my cousin is owner of Sparklea Nail Polish and kindly sent me some nail polishes to try – as you know I’m unable to have Gel polish now as I suffer when the chemicals touch my skin (read more about this in Nail Envy.) This has also made me worried about the use of acrylic on my nails too.

The two colours she sent me are so perfect for me, I love a blue polish and I’m also a sucker for some sparkles. They are both unnamed and also not up for sale yet. Regardless to Leanne being my cousin the review of these products are completely honest and this is not an Advertisement – what you read is my thoughts and views.

The darker one of the two is a two-tone polish, a mix of deep blue and a gorgeous purple. This is amazing and for someone who is super lazy (me) loves a polish which only needs one coat. I think the texture and density of these polishes are fab. The lighter sparkly blue is better with a few coats or maybe as a top coat as its very sheer but is also so pretty.

Once Leanne finalises if these polishes are going up on her website for sale, they’ll be sold for around 6.00 GBP. Which for the quality is amazing, I would personally chose to pay for these polishes over Barry M and Rimmel.

If you have any further questions about these polishes, please feel free to message me or check out Sparklea Nail Polish on instagram!

Thanks fellow varnish lovers, Courtney-Jordan xx