First and second look of the rainbow.

Hiya Huns!

Anyone who follows my Instagram, you’ll notice I’ve been enjoying a colourful makeup look recently! So while I’ve been feeling really rubbish about the cold weather, I’ve been creating the cutest summer looks to share with everyone.

I went to an event today, and we had to think about what we like to indulge in. Some people might say chocolate, I know my friend Danie would say her indulgence is false lashes (really its fizzy drinks!!) and my mum would say hers is either sweets or books. My indulgence definitely is eye shadows. I can’t not buy a few new single shadows or maybe even treat myself to a new full palette from my fave site Beauty Bay.

The start of these looks are pink followed by blue. Such fun looks to create, my pink look was inspired by looking at what festivals I’d like to go to this year – so if you have any suggestions bring them my way!!! This was focused around being bold and super sparkly. I think this could potentially be my favourite no-liner look I’ve ever done.

The blue look was super fun, but something I would wear on a night out. This was smokey and dark, I paired this with a brown lipstick – totally out of my comfort zone and was bought accidentally thinking it was a lighter shade! But with this combo, I’m in love. I think this would also suit any colour eyes – top tip, the lighter your eyes are, use a black pencil liner. If you have brown eyes, my advice would be to use a white pencil liner on your lower lid, to make them look bigger!

What I used for PINK…

Morphe – 35P

NYX – Ultimate Brights

Zoeva – Cocoa Blend

Barry M – #7 (Crimson)

Revolution – Redemption Palette / Mermaids VS Unicorns

Kiss Lashes – Gala

What I used for BLUE…

Morphe – 35P

NYX – Ultimate Brights

Zoeva – Cocoa Blend

Revolution – Redemption Palette / Mermaids VS Unicorns

Urban Decay – Naked HEAT

Amor Lashes – Aurora

I hope you enjoyed my first couple of make up looks, and will check in with me for the next 5 rainbow looks… Up next Yellow and Red (possibly a cute Valentine date night look to play with!) You can follow me on Instagram if you want to keep up with the looks I create. Thanks for reading, Courtney-Jordan xx

Nail envy


So some of you may have noticed, I’ve now changed over to WordPress – conscious choice but was too confusing for me! (Fail.) Anyway, I have had to stop my little (attempt) of creating my own business due to my skin suddenly not liking the products used when being a gel nail tech. Honestly, gutted is a complete under statement. Especially because I enjoyed doing them!

My skin started to react horribly, and I eventually went to the doctors and he said I had contact dermatitis – sounds much worse than what it is, it’s not contagious, not an infection, it’s basically eczema. You can find out more about this here.

So I’ve been on the hunt since this had all happened. I’ve been hunting for good ‘normal’ nail varnishes, I hate chipped nails – gross! I’m also too scared to get acrylics at the minute, trying to let my skin repair itself and hope that this is just a phase and will get better over time.


Anyone who loves nail varnishes, I’d love to hear any suggestions you have! I’ve found a few myself and am so pleasantly surprised, I’ve also tried to stick to the affordable price range and not break the bank for one nail varnish that could potentially be really watery, and just plain crap.

If you’re still reading, here are a list of my favourite brands at the moment (enjoy!):


Since working in a spa, I am a total OPI addict. I could never fault OPI and used to love their Gel collections too – also the only Gel top coat that didn’t chip or lift within the first few days!!! (recommendation for all the ladies who love doing gels.) They’re priced at around 12.50 GBP (this is the priciest polish I’m willing to purchase.) They last so so well and chip after around 4 days, which is a winner for me. My favourite shade is Miami Beet – but sadly… I’ve ran out. Haha (again, fail…)


These are mega cheap and I also got them while they had a ‘Buy two get two free’ so I felt like I was winning and bought myself four different colours even though I probably should have been proactive and bought a few as stocking fillers. As they’re so cheap I literally couldn’t resist buying. The Metallic Effect varnishes are only 3.00 GBP! How amazing is that, especially for a good brand. The shades I bought were Passionate Red and Sumptuous Anthracite. I’m on day two of Passionate Red and no chipping yet (good sign!) The pretty white lid polishes are from the ‘Sugar-Glaze‘ range. So pretty to go over another polish, but too sheer to wear alone. I bought the shades Golden Icing Sugar and Cotton Candy Rose for 2.90 GBP – literally can’t get over the price of these. (P.s the sugar-glaze varnish was super hard to get off, because of the glitter.)


I love love love these Avon polishes, they’re really cool and can be changed with a magnet – I’m not into the whole magnetic look on nails so I keep them as they are and don’t bother. They have a beaut texture and a pretty subtle glitter hint to them. Fab-u-lous. They were 6.00 GBP but super worth it as they last. There is one downside – they stain your nails, so be sure to either use a base coat or a white coat underneath.


Anyone who knows me, will know I love W7 – the eyeliner, foundation and eye shadow pallets have stolen my heart and I’m not even embarrassed. The cheapest, and most definitely the best. I got my inspiration from Olivia Buckland as she does Ad’s for this brand, but I can hand on heart say that everything she says about the products – I agree with! She does a beautiful eye look with the dupe of Urban Decay’s Naked pallet, you can find this here. The shade’s I bought were Red Dazzle and First Class – both priced at 4.95 GBP, but W7 usually have offers and promotions running, its worth signing up to their news letters for some sneaky savings.


Saved my favourite for last, Danie-Jade was my Sassy (not so) Secret Santa this year and bought me the cutest scarf, my fave chocolates and a little gift set from Essie with the nicest shades inside. I swatched them this afternoon and can confirm – they are the smoothest, sassiest, sexiest colours. Sooooo sleek! They’re currently on offer on so head there now, super cute for last minute stocking fillers.

I hope you enjoyed my first post as a WordPress-er and will be back soon, my 2018 resolution is to blog weekly instead of monthly. So keep an eye on my Instagram for my latest blog posts. Merry Christmas Huns. x